Jayne’s Cottages in Scottish Sunday Paper

According to “The Sunday”, a weekly paper in Scotland, Canada is among the top destinations worldwide for Scot’s’ to vacation. The article went on to lend an affectionate nod to the Muskoka region, and to Jayne’s Cottages respectively.

The article went as follows:

“CANADA is one of the top places for Scots hols this year and if you fancy a trip over the Atlantic then head to the beautiful Muskoka region in Ontario, affectionately referred to as ‘The Hamptons of the North’. Jayne’s Cottages specialises in luxury summer cottage rentals in the area—with many much larger than most British homes. The rental agency manages over 100 unique properties throughout the lakes of Muskoka and each property comes with a selection of watercraft perfect for exploring the lakes. Bala Boathouse, a traditional three bedroom Canadian boathouse cottage directly on Lake Muskoka, costs from £1,679 a week.”

For more information about “Bala Boathouse” and any of our other 100+ properties, see JaynesCottages.com!