You’ve found the perfect spot, so now what?

Imagine you’ve found your perfect summer hideaway. 

You’ve packed up all the kids or carted down your extended family down to Muskoka and are finally settling in.

On your drive down you pass numerous water sports facilities, see boats cruising the lakes, take note of quaint spas and yogis practising on docks. Excitedly, you hop on your laptop to investigate only to be flooded with website after website, all promising quality.

Slowly but surely the stress of optimizing your ideal vacation starts to become overwhelming as you try and navigate the websites and wonder who to take a chance on.

That’s where Jayne’s Cottages, specifically, Jayne’s Concierge Services steps in.

We don’t want you to waste one second of your escape trying to make these decisions or coordinate fun packed days.

Instead, let our Jayne’s Concierge team made up of seasoned Muskoka veterans coupled with experienced hospitality staff take over to ensure no risks are taken when it comes to your vacation.

This Jayne’s Cottages concierge blog will outline all of our services, which includes everything from housekeeping and chauffeuring, right down to personalized shopping to stock your cottage before arrival or private chefs to meet your personalized dietary needs throughout your vacation.

Our staff knows the ins and outs of boat rentals and tours, where to go for the best water sports or yoga instructors and who to trust for the most engaging childcare.

Stay tuned as we outline how Jaynes Cottages Concierge Services continues to surpass quality and reassurance while helping you explore all the things that make Muskoka a world-class vacation destination.

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