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A family shares a joyful moment on a boat ride offered by Jayne's Luxury Rentals, with clear skies overhead

Navigating Muskoka: Marina for Boat Rentals and Boat Services

Navigating Muskoka: Marina for Boat Rentals and Boat Services Muskoka truly comes alive on the water. With the interconnection of its major lakes—Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph—boating becomes the preferred method of transporation and exploration. In Muskoka, expect to see an array of impressive boats—from decked-out waterski vessels…

Peaceful waterside infinity pool extending into Lake Joseph at Avonlee, exclusively by Jayne's Luxury Rentals.

Muskoka Cottages for Rent with Pools and Hot Tubs

Exploring Muskoka Cottages: Pools and Hot Tubs When it comes to sought-after amenities, our guests frequently inquire about properties with pools. While the majority of our listings boast access to the lake—essentially a natural pool in Muskoka—the appeal of a dedicated pool or hot tub isn’t lost on us. In…

Family and friends gathered for an evening outdoor meal under string lights, evoking a warm, communal dining atmosphere.

Hosting the Perfect Muskoka Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can feel overwhelming, especially in Muskoka, where the more remote setting brings both challenges and opportunities to create an unforgettable experience. Here are our top 7 tips and things to keep in mind for hosting successful dinner parties in Muskoka. 1. Arrival & Parking Given the…

Vision to Reality: The Growing Trend of Vacation Rentals and Film

Lights, Camera, Action! Ontario’s vibrant film industry is alive and well.  With such diverse landscapes, Ontario provides an excellent backdrop for filmmakers. Partnering with a rental agency like Jayne’s with access to over 300 properties in prime locations offers several advantages for film productions. Here are some reasons why choosing…

Enjoying pet-friendly vacation days at Jayne's Luxury Rentals' cottages, where every family member is welcome

Pet Friendly Muskoka Cottage Rentals

Pet Friendly Muskoka Cottage Rentals At Jayne’s, we believe that family time includes every member, including the beloved family dog. That’s why many of our cottages warmly welcome pets, ensuring no one gets left behind when it’s time for a getaway. Here are 10 of our favourite dog paradises: 1.…

Cross-country skier gliding through a snow-covered forest trail in Muskoka - Winter Sports at Jayne's Luxurious Rentals.

Cross-country Skiing in Muskoka

Muskoka is home to many winter sports as we enjoy the snow covered off-season months which accent the quiet beauty of our region! There is nothing quite like trees and trails covered in a fresh blanket of snow. For those who are interested in finding new ways to enjoy Muskoka…

Professional cleaning staff preparing a luxurious bedroom at Jayne's Luxury Rentals

Jayne’s Exceptional Housekeeping Crew

At Jayne’s we have the privilege to work with an exceptional crew of talented housekeepers. Our cleaners are an integral part to our business – without them, we simply could not provide the service and quality product that we do for our Owners and Guests. We employ a combination of…

Elegant Concierge Desk at Jayne's Luxury Rentals with Service Bell and Room Key

At Your Service

Awaken your senses, and make your vacation at your luxury Muskoka cottage rental a trunkey luxury experience. ​ A true vacation is not having to lift a finger or drive anywhere. Treat yourself to all the convenience and pampering you can imagine. Part of an all encompassing luxury experience is…

Lunch Time in Port Carling - blog | Jaynes Luxury Rentals

Lunch Time in Port Carling

Port Carling is dubbed “the hub of Muskoka” as it is the most central town located in the middle of the big 3 lakes (Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph). We are fortunate enough to have our office nestled in the heart of this town on Port Carling’s main street, Joseph Street.…

The Dock Days of Summer - Blog January 2024

Best Time of Year in Muskoka

Everyone loves to talk about the weather, so we are here to continue the conversation! Each Spring Muskokans are greeted with the promise of Summer. After a long, snow-covered winter we emerge into another season of sun and fun! Muskoka quickly ramps up after our ‘opening bash’ on May 24 long weekend!…