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Great Reasons to Rent a Cottage This Year!

February 13, 2019

Vacations come in many forms.  There is often a lot of debate on how you will spend your limited vacation time, but I would like to share just some of the great reasons why renting a cottage may be a good choice for your vacation this year!

*Trips abroad are an amazing experience and there is a time and place for them, however, if you are looking at some wonderful, simple downtime with family and/or friends, or a brilliant romantic getaway on the water, renting an Ontario cottage is a fabulous choice.  There is nothing better than being at the lake on a hot, sunny, summer day or roasting marshmallows by the fire at night, or experiencing the many activities taking place during the summer in and around cottage country.

* The great thing about renting a cottage is that you’re not tied to the same place every year.  With the number of cottages and different locations available in Ontario, you never have to visit the same place twice.  However, if you’ve fallen in love with a particular spot and you’ve been a great guest, owners are usually happy to have the same people back to their special place over and over again.  It gives them peace of mind that their cottage is being well cared for while they are away and gives you the opportunity to experience the same great feels year after year until you are ready to move on to something different.

*For those that have thoughts of buying a cottage, considerations such as; costs of ownership, lack of freedom to go other places, family commitments (such as regular weekly activities with children), tying up your money, all come into play.  If you really won’t use a cottage much because of other commitments, these are some serious considerations and pros for renting.

*With the huge inventory of cottages available for rent, you can keep your vacation very casual with a more rustic cabin or boathouse getaway or, have all the amenities of home in a luxurious cottage by the lake.

*Sharing this experience with others can make your vacation at the cottage more fun as well as being able to share the costs of the rental, water toys etc.  Many families vacation together in the same rental cottage year after year without a problem, but, if you prefer your own space and still want to share the experience with family and/or friends there are often cottages available for rent side by side, in the same bay, or a short boat ride away.  There are also larger cottages available that have several separate living accommodations on the same property such as; the main house, a large Bunkie or guest house and a boathouse.  This allows everyone to play together but gives you your own space when you need it.

*Another enjoyable factor about renting a cottage is that there are many pet-friendly options available, allowing you to bring your dogs along on vacation with you.  This is especially important if you plan on being away for an extended period of time.

*Some people want to extend their cottage time beyond their scheduled vacation and still have a place to go to all summer while they continue working.  With some cottages still being within an hour or two of their workplace, they choose a small cottage to rent for the whole summer and drive back and forth.

Enjoy the sweet sounds and smells of nature this season at a cottage of your choice. CHECK OUT SOME OPTIONS HERE!


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