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January 5, 2024

Awaken your senses, and make your vacation at your luxury Muskoka cottage rental a trunkey luxury experience. ​

A true vacation is not having to lift a finger or drive anywhere. Treat yourself to all the convenience and pampering you can imagine. Part of an all encompassing luxury experience is to arrive at the start of a vacation to a stocked fridge and pantry with all your favourite treats, drinks, and food for your stay. Just make out your list and like magic it can be there waiting for you.

Perhaps you don’t want to cook or travel to restaurants once you’ve landed at your cozy stay. Our local
chefs are among some of the best, treating people with a wide array of culinary delights both on an
occasion basis or for the full stay. Pick you pleasure! Smoked brisket for lunch, Italian for dinner, you
name it. Or, if having another person in your space is not what you had in mind, Muskoka has a wide
array of specialty shops that provide pre-prepared, first-class meals, providing the best of both worlds and they can be delivered right to your door!

Muskoka on its own is a zen experience with the smell of pine and spruce, being awakened by a morning loon call, a refreshing dip in the lake or smores under the stars. Top that off with sinking into a
delectable massage, connect with body and spirit in a private yoga class on your dock or treat yourself to a mani/pedi or facial without having to ever get in the car or in your boat. Yes, we have professionals that will come to you.

If you are craving some “adult only” time during your stay in Muskoka, experienced local nannies and pet
sitters can help you achieve your goal. If you are attending a social event and want to have a few
cocktails while you are out, have one of our local drivers pick you up at your destination and deliver you
safely back to the cottage.

If you want to capture your unforgettable experiences with your partner, family, friends, or colleagues
there is nothing better than a professional video or photoshoot. Entertain a visit from one of our
professional photographers. Reminisce about your experiences at this magical place in time for years to

Slip into your shorts and sandals and relax in the knowledge that everything you need for a work free,
stress free Muskoka vacation is at your fingertips!


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