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Medical Attention While on Vacation

January 21, 2019

We never want to imagine getting sick or hurt on our vacation, but unfortunately, it does sometimes happen. It’s inevitable that when you are in a different place and exposed to different elements that at some point you may need immediate medical attention, a doctor’s office for urgent care or even just a drugstore for some over the counter relief. Some of the common reasons for a doctor/drugstore/emergency visit are; ear infections from swimming, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, allergic reactions and overexposure to the sun.

We have compiled a short list of hospitals, walk-in clinics and drugstores in cottage country so that you aren’t scrambling when you really need to see someone or get some relief. We will also keep this list in our cottage manuals so you have easy access to it if needed. Our hope is that you never have the need to consult this list but we have you covered in case you do. There are also a few options on the list for veterinary care should your pet require medical attention while staying at the cottage.

South Muskoka Memorial Hospital, 75 Ann Street, Bracebridge, 705-645-4400
Huntsville District Memorial Hospital, 100 Frank Miller Drive, Huntsville, 705-789-2311
Royal Victoria Hospital, 201 Georgian Drive, Barrie, 705-728-9802
*All of the above hospitals are open 24 hours

Walk-In Clinics (Urgent Care)
South Muskoka Medical Centre & Walk-In Clinic, 230 Manitoba St, Bracebridge, 705-646-7634
Bracebridge Medical Centre, 55 Hwy 118 W, Bracebridge, 705-645-1027
Muskoka Medical Pharmacy Walk-in Clinic, 348 Muskoka Rd. 3, Huntsville
Cottage Country Family Health Team, 5 Pineridge Gate #1, Gravenhurst, 705-684-8062

Huntsville’s Hometown IDA Drugstore, 10 Main St. E., Huntsville
Pharmasave Huntsville, 29 Main St. E., Huntsville
Rexall Pharmacy, 55 Muskoka District Road 118 West, Bracebridge
Shoppers Drug Mart, 248 Manitoba St., Bracebridge
IDA Gravenhurst Pharmacy, 180 Brock St., Gravenhurst
Shoppers Drug Mart, 511 Muskoka Rd. S., Gravenhurst
*Most grocery stores in Muskoka have a pharmacy within and the Independent’s have a health food and natural health care section. Also for those looking for more natural remedies, The Natural Food Market in Bracebridge is a great spot for a visit and you can even pick up a whole food meal at their deli.

Centennial Animal Hospital, 1008 S. Monck Drive, Bracebridge, 705-645-3077
Bracebridge Animal Hospital, 17 Balls Drive, 705-645-5090
Gravenhurst Veterinary Services, 140 First St. S., Gravenhurst, 705-687-5158
Chidiac Animal Hospital of Gravenhurst, 150 Bay St., 705-687-7292
Muskoka Animal Hospital, 96 Hanes Rd. #2, Huntsville, 705-789-7979
Huntsville Animal Hospital, 705-789-5181
Muskoka Lakes Veterinary Services, 3 Lee Valley Dr., Port Carling, 705-765-5690
Port Carling Veterinary Services, 155 Medora St., Port Carling, 705-765-3935


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