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Away We Go Trips

Away We Go Trips

Jayne’s concierge is offering self-guided tours in collaboration with Away We Go with an exclusive Jayne’s discount. Away We Go has five different trips, each bringing you to different hot spots and scenic locations throughout the District of Muskoka. Visit their website to learn more!

West Muskoka Trip

The elaborate resorts and scenic lakeside towns were what attracted the highest society to first establish Muskoka as a tourist destination. From sweeping lake views to sanctuaries in the woods, this route will take you to places that were hotspots then and still offer the true Muskoka vibe today.

South Muskoka Trip

This is a journey through the picturesque landscape where the transformation from wilderness into cottage country began. On this route, you’ll check out forests, flows & fields that inspired the hard working industry that led to the amazing Muskoka we play in today, with a lot of fantastic photo opportunities along the way.

East Muskoka Trip

Nestled between Algonquin and the busier side of Muskoka is this quiet corner full of lake, rock, and open road. Take a journey from one charming small town to the next, plus the gorgeous natural sites in between, to discover the exceptional stops you didn’t even realize were on your travel bucket list.

  • Please Note: One stop on this route requires the use of a gravel road, so please ensure that your vehicle is appropriate for that type of surface if you plan to hit that stop on the tour.

Central Muskoka Trip

With dramatic ups and downs, this route mixes waterfalls and open fields to share some of the best places to take in the best views. While wandering, you’ll get in on some great stories about the ups and downs experienced by some interesting people who built their lives here.

North Muskoka Trip

The bustle and polish of Huntsville are in stark contrast to the rugged landscape beyond in this northern region of Muskoka and Parry Sound districts. This trip will lead you to the elevated vistas, rushing river banks and scenic paths that offer the wild beauty of the north.

  • Please Note: To support the safety of everyone, this route is unavailable until the Diggin’ Downtown Huntsville construction work is further along.


  • $35/trip* before Jayne’s Exclusive Discount.
  • *HST extra.
  • Routes are dog friendly, though dogs must be leashed and are only permitted on the grass – not the sand – if you’re visiting Muskoka beaches.
  • Prices may vary depending on location.
  • Payment can be made by e-transfer, wire transfer, Visa or Mastercard (plus 3% fee) or Amex (plus 3.8% fee).
  • Must reserve ASAP to be guaranteed this service!
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