Charter Flights to Muskoka – Toronto and NYC

Muskoka Private Charters – Toronto/NYC

Jayne’s Cottages will get you to where you’re going with the utmost speed, safety, and comfort on one of our Muskoka Private Charters.

Whether you are travelling to the cottage with the family, with VIPs on business, golfing in Muskoka, skiing in Quebec or going to a sporting event in Chicago, we will get you there safely and efficiently.

You’ll arrive on time, rested, and ready to be your best. Our Executive and Scenic Charter flights put the control of your schedule where it belongs – in your hands. You are able to depart from all three of the major Toronto Airports and any other airport should that be more convenient.

Charter Options:

Muskoka Private Charters

Cessna 206
Single engine, fair weather, daylight flight-only aircraft on amphibious float planes capable of taking up to 3 passengers and baggage weighing no more than 600lbs combined. Max passengers: 3

Muskoka Private Charters

Cessna 208
Single engine turbine, all weather, air conditioned aircraft on amphibious float planes capable of carrying up to 6 passengers in executive configuration (luxury club leather seating) or up to 8 passengers in commuter configuration (standard airline style seating).

Muskoka Private Charters

Beechcraft 1900D

Pressurized twin-engine turboprop fixed-wing aircraft. The aircraft is designed to carry passengers in all weather conditions from airport with relatively short runways.


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