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Private Chef 3

Private Chef
Enjoy freshly prepared meals with the highest quality ingredients available without ever leaving the cottage!

We can provide customized menus to suit you, your family and guests’ preferences and dietary requirements. No need to spend your precious days in the grocery store and kitchen. Our chefs are friendly, discreet, and trustworthy.

You can also enjoy chef-prepared, high quality meals delivered right to your door with our pre-made meal service. This service is personalized and delivered hot to your cottage to be held in the oven until service.


1. All Day Service Includes: shopping, preparing, serving and clean-up of up to 2 meals (lunch and dinner). Does not include cost of food.
2. Dinner Only Service: Private Chef Service for a bespoke 4-course meal, includes Appetizers, Starter, Main and Dessert. Pricing includes food shopping, preparation, serving and clean up.



  • Dinner Only 
  • Dinner Only
  • All Day Service (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Sous Chef
  • Server

Guests and Pricing

  • Less than 8 Guests: $250 + HST per person (food cost included)
  • 8 Guests or more: $210 + HST per person (food cost included)
  • $885 + HST (not including cost of food)
  • As required: $550+ HST per day
  • As required: $65 + HST per hour (4 hour minimum)

Dinner Only – Less than 8 Guests: 

$250 + HST per person (food cost included)

Dinner Only – 8 Guests or more:

$210 + HST per person (food cost included)

All Day Service – Approximately 10 Guests (inquire to confirm):

$885+ HST (not including cost of food)

Sous Chef – As required:

$550 + HST per day

Server – As required:

$65 + HST per hour (4 hour minimum)

  • Our concierge team will put you in contact with your chef to discuss the menu
  • Pricing can vary depending on menu chosen
  • Kids age between 6 to 11 will be charge 50% of the adult rate
  • Applicable taxes are extra
  • Travel fee is additional and dependent on location
  • Gratuity is not included in the cost of the service and can be arranged through our concierge team. Our chefs greatly appreciate your generosity
  • Payment can be made by e-transfer, wire transfer, Visa or Mastercard (plus 3% service fee) or Amex (plus 3.8% service fee)
  • Holiday’s and Holiday Weekends may be subject additional fees
Concierge service at Jayne's Luxurious Rentals | Chef garnishing a gourmet steak dish with finesse