Summer 2022 Availability

Below you will find the remaining availability for properties available to book now!

You may select one of the categories below to narrow your search or scroll down to see the full list.

Please note, availability is subject to change at any time.



Reel Simple: August 14th- $6,500/week

Bangor Retreat– August 25th – September 1st $10,000/week

Lakefront Escape: June/July/Aug (1-week min) $6,000/week

Moongate: Aug 8th-  Aug 19th (1-week min)  $15,000/week 

Family Affair: Aug 21st to Sept 4th (1-week min) $13,500/week

Windsong Point August 28th $14,000 (1 week min)  $17,000/week 

Marco Island: July, August (10 day min) $35,000/week

Fogo Point: July 1-15 $45,000/wk


Margaritaville: Aug 30th (1 week min) $45,000/week 

Lake Joe’s First Class:  After Labour Day (1 week min) $60,000/week

Harwood: June 24th to July 4th (1- week min); Aug 21st to Sept 4th (1-week min) $48,000/week

Lake Joe Villa 1-Golfside: available Aug 20th (1-week min) $11,120/week

Lake Joe Villa 5 – August 19th- Sept 2nd  (1-week min) $11,150 per week

Lake Joe Villa 4– Open to offers $14,500 per week 

Luxe on Joe: June up to July 23rd and after Aug 23 (1-week min) $42,000-65,000 per week

Chardonnay Chalet Aug 22 onwards (1 week) $22,000 per week

Avonlee: August 60,000/week


Cottages at Windermere 1: July 8-15th; July 22-29($7,000), August 5th – 12th, Sept 2-9th $8,500 per week

Cottages at Windermere 3: July 8-15th  $8,500, Aug 12-26,$8,500 per week

Burnt Island: July or Aug ( 1 week or 2 week)  $30,000 per week

Club Zed: June 19-July 8/9 Available and Aug 14th to Sept 5th (1 week min) $50,000 per week (SEE CRM For EXACT PRICING)

Wallsend: August 14-27 (1 week min) $30,000

Pau Hana: Aug 17-26th (1-week min)  $23,500 per week 

Sunset Point: Aug 21st to Sept 4th (1-week min) $26,400 per week

The Lake House: July 8th- 15th, August 5th – 12th (1- week min) $14,500 per week


Four Season’s Lakehouse: $8,000/week (1 week min)

Manor Ridge: August 15th $40,000 per week (1-week min)

Boca North: Available all year round as of Aug 1st  $32,500 per week

Simcoe Sunbird: July 1-23 and July 31 – Aug 13th and Aug 20th -Aug 31 (1 week min) $8,800/week 


The Hermitage: August 21st – $27,500 per week 

The Last Echo: July 15th-29th and  August 30th – Sept 5th (1 week min)  $12,000 per week 

Innisfree on Lake of Bays: June, July, Aug 21 (1-week min) $10,000 per week

Safe Harbour: Aug 28th to Sept 7th (1-week min) $18,500 per week


The Canopy: August 28 – September 3rd (1 week min) $13,000 per week


Cimarron Ridge:August 7-14 (one week min) $14,000 per week


Hillside Harmony: April- Oct 31st (30 night min) $8,000 per month

Bluebird Bungalow–  July, August, Sept (has STR license) $4,084 week

White House on the Hill: July, August (can do weekly rentals)14,000/week


Pigeon Dream: June 21st- 29th; Aug 16th onwards $18,000 per week (1-week min) 

Chalet de Reve: June 21st-July 14th & Aug 9th onwards $19,500 per week (1-week min)

Floating Dreams: July 10th- onwards  August $12,500 per week (1 week min)

Bluebonnet Grove: August 15th- Sept 5th $18,975 per week (1 week)

Highlands Cove: August 19th – Sept 5th  $8,000 per week (1 week) 


A Loons Lottery: Aug 12th – 19th and Aug 26th – Sep 9th $6,250-10,875 per week

Loon Landing: Aug 11-18th (1-week min) $9,500 per week 


Beyond the Stars: All of July and the last 3 weeks of August $12,500 per week


By The Moon:  August 20th-27th (1-week min) $9,900 per week 

Foot Prints on the Moon:   July, Aug  (1 week min) $8,000 per week

Milford Bay Cabin: Before July 15 or after Aug 19 (1-week min) $5,500 per week

Dock Your Dreams: Before July 9th and After August 21st (1-week min) $40,000 per week

Muskoka Bay Club: July/Aug (1-week min) $5,000 per week

Peace of Muskoka Bay: July, August 10,000.00

Muskoka Pearl: July/Aug (1-week min) $13,000 per week **owner wants to use 2 weeks but flexible   

Memories of Muskoka: June 24th- July 22nd (1 week min)  $14,800 per week

Muskoka Wonderland: July 1st-15th, Aug 12th-19th $24,000-36,000 per week 

The Canadian ,Dream: June 24th- July 23rd and Aug (1-week min) **owner seeking 6 weeks total $12,500- $18,000/week

Tobin on the Rocks: July/August (1 week min) $10,000 cottage/week 

Lakefront Escape: June -July 30th and Aug 7th-Sept 5th (1-week min) $6,000/week


Margaritaville: August 30th -Sept 6th (1-week rental) $45,000/week 

Harwood: June 24th to July 4th (7-14-day rental); Aug 21st to Sept 4th (7-14-week min)$48,000/week

Deer Lodge: June 17th – July 7th & (1 week min) July 20th – Aug 31 (1-week min) $15,750/week


Cottages at Windermere 2: July 8-22,  $8,500 per week

Cottages at Windermere 3: Aug 12-26th (2-week rental)

Burnt Island: $30,000/week       

Shore is Purdy  Sept 4-22 (1 weeks) $50,000/week

Star Acre- Aug 24th(1 week min)  $30,000/week

Club Zed: August 14th (1 week min) $50,000/week


Simcoe Sunbird –  July 1-23 and July 31 – Aug 13th and Aug 20th -Aug 31 (1week min) $8,800/week


Innisfree on Lake of Bays: July/Aug (1-week min) $10,000/week


Formosa Pines: July, August (1 week min) $10,000/week

Sunset Ridge: June, July, August (2 weeks min) $20,000/week

Open Invitation: July, August (1 week min) $15,000/week

Bruce Hideaway:  June 25 – July 18 and August 20 – August 28th $8,000/week

North Star: July/Aug $10,800/week (1 week min)

Deja Blue: August open now (as per May 09/22)  $7,700/week

Kawagama Lake Lodge: July 9th- July 30th (1-week min); Aug 28th onwards (1-week min) $27,500/week

The Canopy:  One Week Left ! Aug 7-14 $13,000/week

The Terrace: July/Aug/Sept Weekly rentals now available! STR license

Foot Prints on the Moon:   July 4th –  August  $8,000/week


Tiny Foot Prints in the Sand June 30th- July 9th and August 14th $14,000/week (1 week min)  



Camp Meda: July & Aug (4 week min)$5,000/week

Dockside: Aug 6th- 12th,(1-week min) $5,000/week

Endless Summer: July – August  4th and August 15th onwards (1 week min) $18,000/week- get 10% off the second week

For Shore: August 6th- 14th and Aug 20th onwards (1-week min) $13,500/week

It’s Worth It: Aug 26th onwards $7,600/week

Lake and Pool Paradise: July/Aug (1-week min) $9,750/week

Muskoka Bay Club: July/Aug (1-week min) $5,000/week

Muskoka Sounds: Aug 10-31st (1-week min) $8,000/week

Milford Bay Cabin: $5,500/week

Parkers Point:Aug 7th-18th; Aug 26th- Sept 5 (1-week min)  $13,500/week    

Sunset Grove – Bala: Aug 11-19th and August 27th- Sept 3rd (1-week min) $14,000/week 

The Canadian Dream: July 16th- 23rd and Aug 8th $18,000/week 

Walker’s Retreat:  August 16th (1-week min ) $6,500/week


Belleview: August $17,995

Lake Joe Chateau: Aug 9 (1-week min)  $40,500/week


Arthurlie Point Cottage: July/Aug 16 – 30th (1 week min) $10,000/week

Brighter Days: June 21- August 5th  (1-week min) $19500/week

Casa Sur Lago: August 19th (2 week min) $5,200-13,000/week 

Rosseau Lake House: July 30th- Aug 20th (1-week min) $12,400/week

Rosseau Sunstone: Now until July 22nd and Aug 7th onwards (1-week min) $26,000/week

The Crown: July/Aug (1 week min) $40,000/week


Due North: 2-3 weeks in July, Sept $22,000/week (not sure if renting now)

Safe Harbour:  Aug 28th (1 week min) $18,500/week

The Hermitage:  Aug 21st (1-week min) $27,500/week 

White Opal: After September 4th (1-week min) $15,000/week

Panoramic Point: July 23rd – 30th (1-week min) $18,900/week

Rabbits Run: July 12th – August 13th, (1 week min)  $7,500/week Confirmed July 31-Aug 10


Sunset Ridge: June, July, August (2 weeks min) $20,000/week

By the Moon- July and August 20-27th (1 week min) $9,900/week

Echo Sands: June 23rd to June 30th $9,000/week

El Dorado: Aug 24th to Sept 5th (unconfirmed Aug 9-23rd) (1-week min) $7,980-17,750

Flat Calm: August (2-week min)  $14,000 

Key To The Moon: July/Aug  $5,700/week

Renew: July 5-23rd and  Aug 15th to Sept 1st (1 week min) $11,000-19,000/week

The Cocoon: July, August $9000/week

The Fort on Skeleton Lake: July 20th- August 10th (2-week rental) $4,400-11,000/week

Waterlily: July $6,500/week