Jayne's Cottages


About Jayne

As a child, I grew up with the sandy beach of Lake Huron in my front yard. I went to University and settled in Toronto with my family and made my living selling computer software. I starting visiting Muskoka during the summer and fell in love with its peacefulness and natural beauty. Eventually my family bought a cottage, which was quite an investment, but totally worth it! In 2013, I made a commitment to share my passion for Muskoka with visitors from all over the world. Shortly thereafter, Jayne’s Cottages was born!

“The inspiration for Jayne’s Cottages arrived out of personal experience renting my family’s cottage.”

When we did not plan to be in Muskoka, we would rent it to trusted guests. These rental periods helped my family cover our property expenses, as well as pave the way for unforgettable overseas travel experiences! Renting our cottage enabled my family to experience other special places, while other families experienced our special place.

Over the years in Muskoka, I have met charming people who have also fallen in love with this magical piece of Ontario and have purchased their own cottage paradise. While they are away from Muskoka, I take excellent care of their homes and host their visitors from all over the world.

Jayne’s Cottages’ goal is to help all cottage owners and guests make the most of their Muskoka experience. I look forward to helping you too!

Owner of Jayne's Luxury Rentals smiling in professional attire