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Jayne's Cottages Reviews

Shore is Purdy, 2023

Luxurious living room with a grand stone fireplace at Shore is Purdy in Port Carling - Jayne's Luxurious Rentals for 'About Muskoka' blog
Using Jayne’s Luxury Rentals was in my humble opinion one of the best vacation decisions we have ever made.The cottage your team (Specifically Claire) provided exceeded our needs and assisted us in causing others to want to come up to cottage country (the high-end cottage was intended to produce a WOW factor and it did. Maybe I will get an even better cottage in the future if that’s even possible! A building is only a building, but your team is what made everything over the top and that was the ultimate WOW factor.


For me Rachel was perfect and did her very best to make everything move seamlessly … she stocked the snacks on the day we arrived (which I only ordered that day from the plane), she arranged Sea-Doo’s and EVERYBODY LOVED AND USED THEM, she was always a few keystrokes away and I thank you for providing her for me … she was my WOW factor.

Mark was also very helpful and did his very best to address all the items that came up throughout our stay. He never made excuses and always tried to make it better … “Thanks Mark … you took on all the stress and allowed me to be with my family stress free.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me”.

And now to the part that made our trip CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY OVER THE TOP FOR EVERYONE … FOOD, FOOD, FOOD !!!!!!!!

If I had to guess, I would say …you gave me your number 1 TOP CHEF !!!!

Brandon provided crazy food, handled a sixteen-person August long weekend, he was never anything but perfectly calm.  If I wanted it … he wanted to make it happen.  Everything with him was possible and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

The building could have fallen apart, and your chef dazzled everyone with nothing but perfection.

And there is still more … on top of the food, he knew how to talk.  If we wanted to talk, he talked.  If we looked like we needed some space … he gave us space.  He even noticed when my wife wanted a “better or more complex” salad for lunch.  He didn’t have to be told, somehow, he figured it out … approached me with an enquiry, made suggestions and caused the next meal to be just that much more perfect.

No one from our group had to shop, cook, or clean … Everyone was thrilled I got the private chef.  My wife thought it was an expensive luxury before the trip … at the end of the trip my wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law could not imagine life without a private chef Brandon !!!!!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

You and I are both in business.  Your team made you look perfect.

 Thank you for a really great two weeks … Kinda sucked having to return to British Columbia and fall back to reality.


The Base Lodge, 2023

Front view of Base Lodge - Testimonial Image - Jayne's Luxurious Rentals featuring log cabin architecture and landscaped garden.

Amazing experience! We love Jayne’s! Have rented through other management companies before and she’s the best.


Craigleith Charmer, 2023

Craigleith Charmer - Review - Jayne's Luxurious Rentals | Inviting poolside view at the elegant, grey-shingled vacation home amid lush pines

Cottage was fabulous and as described on your website. Jaynes concierge service was excellent. The owner via Cindy was incredibly helpful when asked.


Y’ol Point, 2023

Y'Ol Point cottage with stone patio in forest setting - Damir's recurring positive rental experience - Jayne's Luxury Rentals.

Fabulous accommodation, beautifully appointed, dog friendly. It is the ideal cottage for us to rent and enjoy with family and friends. The cleaning during our stays is outstanding and the cleaning staff are lovely.


Foreman’s Finest, 2023

Foreman's Finest property near Muskoka Lake, where Peter experienced exceptional service by Jayne's Luxury Rentals, highlighted in a heartfelt testimonial

Great service, really liked getting assigned a cottage manager for the week. That really makes a difference in my opinion.


Tall Timbers, 2023

Tall Timbers - Testimonial - Jayne's Luxurious Rentals | Winter wonderland with a pristine snow blanket covering the charming cabin retreat among tall pine trees

We had a fantastic stay at Tall Timbers. It’s a stunning home set perfectly on Arthurlie Bay, very close to all Port Carling has to offer but far enough to be private and serene. The house had all the amenities we could have asked for and we would love to visit again! Jayne’s could not have been more responsive or helpful. We had a wonderful experience all around.