Winter Getaways

Winter Getaways

Ever consider visiting Muskoka in the wintertime? Well you should, because Muskoka in the winter is a whole new experience – whether you prefer staying cozy in the cabin or enjoy outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone.

The High Life

The High Life is situated on a private lake on an amazing 47 acres of land meaning there is lots of space to roam and explore including many hiking trails. And if somehow, you grow tired of exploring the property, the Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area is less than 20 minutes away! And be sure to plan an excursion to check out Algonquin Provincial Park in the wintertime! Don’t forget to end your day of activities in the outdoor hot tub!


Dreamweaver is a beautifully restored log home situated on an 88-acre lot, surrounded by large mixed forest with exposed granite ridges and stunning vistas. The property also features an amazing 1 kilometre trail look for an amazing walk where if you’re lucky, you may encounter a beaver, moose, or deer in the area. Also on the property is a previous drying shed transformed into the artist/owner Tom Dietrich’s studio overlooking a natural pond full of turtles, frogs, and salamanders. In close proximity to the cottage is a public snowmobile track.

Land Before Time

Experience the beautiful winters within the comfort of this brand-new ultra-modern build in Lake of Bays. With large floor-to-ceiling windows, enjoy gorgeous winter views of the frozen lake and snow dusted towering trees and natural rock while sipping on hot cocoa in front of the large wood-burning fireplace. 

Muskoka’s White House

Muskoka’s White House is the luxury winter getaway you’ve been dreaming of! This modern cabin features wood and stone accents with a Hudson’s Bay colour palette, and is complete with heated floors and large fireplaces to keep you cozy in your own private winter wonderland. 

Jayne’s 10 Favourite Boathouse Decks

The Boathouse Deck.

We consider the boathouse deck a middle ground between the dock and the cottage porch – where you spend the winding hours of the late afternoon after being on the water, before making your way back up to the cottage. It is a place to totally unwind, relax, and feel the wind through your hair.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a boathouse, an upper boathouse deck is an amazing use of space for an alternate seating area ideal for spending the days above the water. There are many things that make a great boathouse deck: they can be covered, uncovered or both, have access to accommodations in the boathouse, and have outdoor furniture for lounging, dining, or both. The only vital element is that it must have a killer view over the lake.

Here’s our top 10 picks for #JaynesFavourite Boathouse Decks!

#10 – Absolutely Shore 

We are absolutely shore we love this boathouse deck! Absolutely Shore keeps the deck simple and airy with this gorgeous white wicker living room set with sky blue cushions. The perfect spot for a cocktail.


#9 – Westhaven

Even looking at this photo makes us instantly relaxed! Westhaven’s boathouse deck features a sectional, outdoor dining table, as well as two lounge chairs. There is both covered and uncovered areas on the deck, so something for everyone, depending on your preference! 


#8 – Star Acre

The boathouse at Star Acre actually has two separate decks: one as a rooftop deck and the other as a wrap-around deck to the boathouse interiors. The rooftop deck might just be the best place to sunbathe in all of Muskoka. 6 loungers, no shade, plus south exposure for all-day sun (I hope you brought your sunblock.) The middle deck features a covered living area that extends from the boathouse accommodations with a sectional, outdoor dining table, and a two-sided indoor/outdoor fireplace. The deck also wraps around the front where there are lounge chairs on the open deck. A deck space for every preference! 


#7 – Ouno Island

Ouno Island’s boathouse deck is a very inviting space, ideal for the entire group to come together as the day turns to night. With a couch and four chairs all arranged in a circular shape, we can just imagine all the amazing conversations and laughs had and to be had here.


#6 – Lake Joe Wonderland

Our favourite part of the wrap-around boathouse deck at Lake Joe Wonderland is the two round loveseat loungers – the absolute perfect spot for enjoying the view. And the dining table is a great feature for those who don’t want to go inside for lunch! 


#5 – Whistling Waters

5 lounge chairs looking into the water, a high-chair dining area, and a shaded living room set plus a gate to jump off the deck into the water. Spending your day rotating between these spots on Lake Joe Wonderland’s boathouse deck would be a pretty great day.


#4 – Hemlock Point

Hemlock Point’s boathouse deck truly has it all! There’s a row of four lounge chairs for incredible tanning with an amazing lookout, an outdoor sectional and a shaded area with an outdoor dining table! Careful renters, you won’t want to leave! 


#3 – Winchester

Despite being only a one-slip boathouse, the boathouse deck at Winchester utilizes the space impressively, making it a functional space for many different uses and deserving of the number 3 spot. The rooftop patio has both a covered and uncovered portion, with an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, a bar area, a propane fire pit, as well as an outdoor dining table under the covered portion. For those who like to be in the sun, the uncovered portion at the end of the deck has an outdoor sectional and coffee table with exceptional views of the lake. 


#2 – The Regency

Taking the second spot is The Regency. Like everything at The Regency, this boathouse deck is grand and luxurious. The deck is shaded with a high cathedral ceiling, making it the perfect spot to escape from the sun. It features gorgeous wicker outdoor furniture including a large sectional with white cushions, and 4 matching loungers and a breakfast table. And of course, lakeviews in every direction. 


#1 – Big Chill

There’s a reason this boathouse deck is our homepage photo… Number one goes to Big Chill! Big Chill has a massive boathouse deck off the upper boathouse living quarters. This space features an awesome living room set with two couches and an umbrella, two lounge chairs at the end of the dock for amazing tanning as well as lush green planters. We could spend the whole summer up there!

Jayne’s 10 Favourite Muskoka Rooms

The Muskoka Room.

A Muskoka namesake that is perhaps the most essential room in any cottage. There are many different varieties of Muskoka Rooms – sometimes it’s a covered extension of the deck, sometimes it is completely insulated, sometimes it resembles more of a screened-in porch. But the most important part is that it is a space that brings the outdoors in and assembles the family when the day turns to night and the bugs come out. 

To kick off our new #JaynesFavourite series, here’s our top 10 picks for #JaynesFavourite Muskoka Rooms!

#10 – Lochside 

The Muskoka Room at Lochside uses natural design elements including virgin wood and stone to compliment and blend into the gorgeous nature surrounding the room. 


#9 – Wallsend

The Muskoka Room at Wallsend boasts both a comfy sitting area and dining table, making it the ideal space to spend long summer nights. With wooden paneling and earthy accents plus panoramic windows, this spectacular Muskoka Room truly helps bring Muskoka in. 


#8 – The Regency

This spacious Muskoka room features farmhouse-style wicker furniture on a stone patio that continues to the exterior of the cottage, making it the perfect limbo between outside and in. 


#7 – Maple Creek

This Muskoka Room consists of a large sectional couch with bright orange accents to incorporate it’s wooden inclosure. With large windows surrounding and the ability to drop the windows to make the room a full screened-in porch, this is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view!


#6 – Absolutely Shore

A gazebo-style Muskoka Room! We are love how this room incorporates bright colours to compliment the natural greenery surrounding. 


#5 – Baydream Believer

This Baydream Believer Muskoka Room has a white sectional and sofa chairs beautifully contrasted against the room’s black wood panelling. There is also a wood-burning fireplace and dining table!


#4 – Dolce Vita

This modern Muskoka Room features wooden and stone accents and even has a gas fireplace and TV. Plus amazing lake views to enjoy that might make you feel a little less guilty about watching TV at the cottage! 


#3 – Marbella

Cracking the top 3 is Marbella’s Muskoka Room! With natural wood walls and wicker furniture, we love how this screened-in Muskoka Room stays true to classic cottaging. The large screens surrounding allow you to feel the natural breezes and ample comfortable seating guarantees quality family time. 


#2 – Bluebird Day

Taking the #2 spot is Bluebird Day. Bluebird’s Muskoka Room is a covered porch by day, but at night when the bugs are out, there’s an electronic screen to seal the room in! And with the wood fireplace, it’s like a more luxurious campfire! 


#1 – Log Vista

Our Favourite Muskoka Room! The Muskoka Room at Log Vista was an essential addition on the original log cabin. With white-washed walls and neutral-coloured furniture and details, this Muskoka Room beautifully ties in the log wall and natural Muskoka Rock on the outside, in a very soothing, peaceful way. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously, keeping it fun with swing seating!

Jayne wins in the Start Up category at the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards!

I am absolutely honoured to be named the Winner for the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards in the Start-Up category at the gala event held last night at the Fairmount Royal York Hotel.

Many thanks to my village that made this possible – amazing loyal employees, supportive owners, awesome guests and the so supportive Muskoka community pillars including the Chamber of Commerce, Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Muskoka Futures, IRAP, IION, Georgian College and many many others.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists and thank you to RBC to your support of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs in this amazing event.

For more information, visit…/announcing-the-2019-rbc…/…

Congratulations Jayne!!


We’re very excited to share the news that Jayne, our fearless leader, has been named as a Finalist for the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards in the Start Up category.


The RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards are the pre-eminent national business awards recognizing female business owners from across Canada who make impressive and substantial contributions to the local, Canadian or global economy.


From a pool of thousands of nominees, 23 finalists from coast to coast have been selected to represent 7 award categories. The Start Up award celebrates the entrepreneur, who in a minimum of three years (maximum 5 years) has developed a successful business that’s ready for the next level of growth.


Jayne is one of 3 regional finalists being recognized in this category, representing the Central region.


“I’m deeply honoured to be chosen as a Finalist,” says Jayne. “A successful entrepreneur requires great support, and I’m very grateful to all my employees, property owners, guests, concierge service providers and the Muskoka community who have all had a hand in helping me turn my passion into a thriving business in such a short time,” Jayne adds. “I’m excited for what the next stage has in store.”


Prior to being one of this year’s finalists, Jayne was also recognized as a nominee in 2018.


RBC will announce the winners at its November gala at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.


We’re so proud Jayne! Best of Luck!

Great Reasons to Rent a Cottage This Year!

Vacations come in many forms.  There is often a lot of debate on how you will spend your limited vacation time, but I would like to share just some of the great reasons why renting a cottage may be a good choice for your vacation this year!

*Trips abroad are an amazing experience and there is a time and place for them, however, if you are looking at some wonderful, simple downtime with family and/or friends, or a brilliant romantic getaway on the water, renting an Ontario cottage is a fabulous choice.  There is nothing better than being at the lake on a hot, sunny, summer day or roasting marshmallows by the fire at night, or experiencing the many activities taking place during the summer in and around cottage country.

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Dog Days at the Cottage

With more and more households that include dogs, it’s inevitable that many people that rent cottages will want their dogs to join them on their vacation. As a dog lover and owner for many years, I don’t go many places without my dog, so it’s no surprise that we strive to represent cottages that are dog-friendly wherever possible.

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Medical Attention While on Vacation

We never want to imagine getting sick or hurt on our vacation, but unfortunately, it does sometimes happen. It’s inevitable that when you are in a different place and exposed to different elements that at some point you may need immediate medical attention, a doctor’s office for urgent care or even just a drugstore for some over the counter relief. Some of the common reasons for a doctor/drugstore/emergency visit are; ear infections from swimming, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, allergic reactions and overexposure to the sun.

We have compiled a short list of hospitals, walk-in clinics and drugstores in cottage country so that you aren’t scrambling when you really need to see someone or get some relief. We will also keep this list in our cottage manuals so you have easy access to it if needed. Our hope is that you never have the need to consult this list but we have you covered in case you do. There are also a few options on the list for veterinary care should your pet require medical attention while staying at the cottage.

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6 Hot New 2019 Cottages

Ever wonder what Jayne’s Cottages gets up to when the lakes are frozen and docks have been put away for the season? We add to our stock of incredible luxury cottages for the summer season ahead, of course!

Scroll through six new cottages that will have you wishing the winter would hurry up and let us get back to lake!

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9 Best All-Season Hikes in Muskoka

Muskoka’s trail network covers some 4000 sq kms of rugged terrain. With lush forests, spectacular granite outcroppings, fascinating wildlife, and sweeping vistas and lookouts, it is evident why some of Muskoka’s tracks are known to be the best hiking and wildlife seeking trails in Ontario.

Read on to discover Jayne’s team’s handpicked top 9 hiking trails in the Muskoka-area.

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