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Test Drive Your Next Luxury Real Estate Purchase

July 28, 2023

"Try Before You Buy"

Over the years, many of our Guests have used Jayne’s rental services as a way of ‘feeling out’ the cottaging lifestyle, with the hopes of eventually purchasing a property of their own in the future.

Today, that trend is certainly on the rise due to the ever-growing popularity of the Muskoka Lakes and cottage country in general. We are currently witnessing major shifts in the luxury real estate market as a result of the ever-changing preferences of home buyers, the desire to have an ‘escape’ from the hustle & bustle of city life, or alternatively, for the purpose of acquiring an investment property that can offer a solid return year-round. 

Purchasing a cottage in the Muskoka area is a unique and truly rewarding experience, but needless to say any investment of this sort requires thoughtful and careful consideration. For this reason, Jayne’s in-house real estate team is here to assist and guide prospective Buyers with the introduction of our Rent-to-Buy Program. Renting before buying is the ideal way to gain a real understanding of the Muskoka lifestyle, explore different locations, and evaluate the features that matter most to you and your loved ones. It also allows potential homebuyers to immerse themselves in the beauty of Muskoka and connect with its vibrant community before making the decision to purchase. 



Aerial view of Jayne's Luxurious Property's lakeside house with a private dock and boat on a sunny day, surrounded by lush greenery

We all know that location is King when it comes to purchasing real estate, but location takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to cottage country.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Do you want to be more secluded or closer to amenities? What recreational activities are a priority for you?  

…These are just a few of the questions that are important to ask yourself when searching for the right property to purchase in cottage country.

Muskoka’s Big Three Lakes (Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, and Lake Rosseau), as well as the smaller surrounding lakes, all have their own selling points. Whether you enjoy taking scenic boat rides, partaking in a variety of water sports or going fishing – getting out on the water will help you get a sense of what areas are best suited to your preferences and lifestyle.

There are also a wide range of architectural styles and aesthetics when it comes to cottage properties. You may prefer a more modern look, equipped with the luxuries of a newly built property, or perhaps you have come to love a more traditional feel that exudes that ‘old Muskoka charm’ upon your stay. Alternatively, maybe your concern lies more in the property and land itself (for those that are looking to build or renovate an existing cottage or develop a vacant lot). 

No matter what your cottage “wish list” may entail, Jayne’s is here to help you make an informed and fulfilling investment, ensuring that your new happy place in cottage country is one you will cherish for many years to come. Whether your goal is to rent out your newly purchased cottage or to enjoy it personally, Jayne’s real estate experts are here to offer advice and guidance on all factors contributing to your investment. 

If your goal is to purchase a cottage that will generate the greatest return on your investment, you have come to the right place! Contact Jayne’s real estate team today for more information on our Rent-to-Buy program. 

Jayne’s In-House realtor and investment property specialist, Katie Gilbert, is here to answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout the Buying or Selling process. Contact Katie today at (416) 995-7693


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