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Jayne’s 10 Favourite Muskoka Rooms

November 28, 2019

The Muskoka Room.

A Muskoka namesake that is perhaps the most essential room in any cottage. There are many different varieties of Muskoka Rooms – sometimes it’s a covered extension of the deck, sometimes it is completely insulated, sometimes it resembles more of a screened-in porch. But the most important part is that it is a space that brings the outdoors in and assembles the family when the day turns to night and the bugs come out. 

To kick off our new #JaynesFavourite series, here’s our top 10 picks for #JaynesFavourite Muskoka Rooms!

#10 – Lochside 

The Muskoka Room at Lochside uses natural design elements including virgin wood and stone to compliment and blend into the gorgeous nature surrounding the room. 

#9 – Wallsend

The Muskoka Room at Wallsend boasts both a comfy sitting area and dining table, making it the ideal space to spend long summer nights. With wooden paneling and earthy accents plus panoramic windows, this spectacular Muskoka Room truly helps bring Muskoka in. 

#8 – The Regency

This spacious Muskoka room features farmhouse-style wicker furniture on a stone patio that continues to the exterior of the cottage, making it the perfect limbo between outside and in. 

#7 – Maple Creek

This Muskoka Room consists of a large sectional couch with bright orange accents to incorporate it’s wooden inclosure. With large windows surrounding and the ability to drop the windows to make the room a full screened-in porch, this is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view!

#6 – Absolutely Shore

A gazebo-style Muskoka Room! We are love how this room incorporates bright colours to compliment the natural greenery surrounding. 

#5 – Baydream Believer

This Baydream Believer Muskoka Room has a white sectional and sofa chairs beautifully contrasted against the room’s black wood panelling. There is also a wood-burning fireplace and dining table!

#4 – Dolce Vita

This modern Muskoka Room features wooden and stone accents and even has a gas fireplace and TV. Plus amazing lake views to enjoy that might make you feel a little less guilty about watching TV at the cottage! 

#3 – Marbella

Cracking the top 3 is Marbella’s Muskoka Room! With natural wood walls and wicker furniture, we love how this screened-in Muskoka Room stays true to classic cottaging. The large screens surrounding allow you to feel the natural breezes and ample comfortable seating guarantees quality family time. 

#2 – Bluebird Day

Taking the #2 spot is Bluebird Day. Bluebird’s Muskoka Room is a covered porch by day, but at night when the bugs are out, there’s an electronic screen to seal the room in! And with the wood fireplace, it’s like a more luxurious campfire! 

#1 – Log Vista

Our Favourite Muskoka Room! The Muskoka Room at Log Vista was an essential addition on the original log cabin. With white-washed walls and neutral-coloured furniture and details, this Muskoka Room beautifully ties in the log wall and natural Muskoka Rock on the outside, in a very soothing, peaceful way. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously, keeping it fun with swing seating!


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