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Muskoka Cottages for Rent with Pools and Hot Tubs

January 16, 2024

Exploring Muskoka Cottages: Pools and Hot Tubs

When it comes to sought-after amenities, our guests frequently inquire about properties with pools. While the majority of our listings boast access to the lake—essentially a natural pool in Muskoka—the appeal of a dedicated pool or hot tub isn’t lost on us.

In the warmth of Muskoka’s summer, the lake becomes an exquisite place to swim, with temperatures hovering between 18-21 degrees Celsius (64.4 F to 69.8 F). In certain smaller lakes or shallower areas, the water can even be warmer, often a bath-like temperatures. 

However, we recognize the allure of having the option of a pool or hot tub. On cooler days, the ability to heat a pool to your comfort or soak in a hot tub after a lake swim is definitely appealing. Additionally, these amenities extend the summer season, allowing for comfortable swimming across more months of the year.

Here are some of our top picks for Muskoka and non-Muskoka cottages featuring pools and/or hot tubs:

Avonlee, a stunning Super Elite property on Lake Joseph, remains consistently booked every summer. One of its primary draws? A large Infinity Edge pool complemented by an integrated hot tub.

Set back from the lake, this property boasts a pool, hot tub, and lake access on the Muskoka River. With ample land for privacy in the backyard pool sanctuary, down the driveway and across the road, you’ll find your private dock on Lake Muskoka, a gateway for lake dips or exploration by boat.

Featuring a hot tub right on the dock, Lake Joe First Class provides the perfect spot to warm up with a lake view after a refreshing swim.

The Homestead boasts a wood-burning cedar hot tub, which exudes a pleasant, natural aroma, providing extra relaxation and benefits than a typical hot tub. 

True to its name, The Last Resort’s standout feature is its large pool. Complete with a bridge leading to a fire feature in the center, a waterslide, and a cascading waterfall, it’s pool is very reminiscent of those you’ll find at Five Star Resorts. 

The sleek 65ft pool at Bunker Ridge perfectly complements the house’s design. Adjacent to a poolside cabana with five lounge chairs, it invites days spent poolside, alternating between dips and the pool and sessions basking in the sun. 

Boasting a 40’ inground saltwater pool with fire and waterfall features, Chateau Lake Simcoe offers convenience with its pool house, equipped with a powder room and changing facilities.

In the realm of Muskoka cottages, the appeal of pools and hot tubs stands undeniable. Whether nestled in the woods or overlooking the lakeshores, these amenities add an extra layer of luxury, extending the pleasures of summer beyond the confines of the calendar.

View all our properties with a pool here, and all our properties with a hot tub here


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