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Best Time of Year in Muskoka

January 4, 2024

Everyone loves to talk about the weather, so we are here to continue the conversation!

Each Spring Muskokans are greeted with the promise of Summer. After a long, snow-covered winter we emerge into another season of sun and fun! Muskoka quickly ramps up after our ‘opening bash’ on May 24 long weekend! From there, the fun begins. While July and August are famously beautiful, don’t count out June and September – they are easily as enjoyable as July and August! 

 The average temperature in June reaches 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) which is perfect for your first, brave dip in the lake! Cottages begin to become open, towns throughout Muskoka fill up with locals coming out of their long hibernation and cottagers are hurrying back to their havens on the lake. It’s a great time of the year. We love to see Muskoka bloom each May and June!

With June’s longer days it means that you have the opportunity to enjoy the day well into the evening. Sunsets occur well after 8pm and as late as 9pm towards the end of the month. Imagine the peace of an early morning coffee on the dock watching the sunrise or being out on the lake enjoying a sunset cruise! It’s the perfect beginning to your summer. (A late-night bonfire is one of our favourite June activities, complete with roasted s’mores!)

 September is known as Summer’s “last hurrah”. With Autumn not officially starting until September 22nd, you can continue to enjoy warm summer days during the beginning of the month. It’s especially great for those of us who find the summer heat a little more than we like and prefer a more ‘comfortable warmth’. There’s something so peaceful about this time of the year. Sitting at the end of a dock watching the trees turn into explosive colours of yellow, orange, and neon red – it is truly the perfect end to the Summer. It is one of our favourite times of the year! You can enjoy this warmth right into the end of September while keeping busy with all that Muskoka has to offer!
While the days are starting to get cooler towards the beginning of October, it is nothing a comfy sweater and a place by the fire won’t solve! Autumn is simply the coziest time of year.


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